Growing roses to share with others can be done in many ways. Cutting a rose or a vase of roses to share with someone is one way, growing a bed of roses where others can see and admire is a way to promote the love of roses. Entering roses in a rose show is another opportunity to share the beauty of roses with your community.

The Winston Salem Rose Society has an American Rose Society accredited rose show in June at the Winston-Salem Fairgrounds in the Home & Garden Building and two National Garden Club accredited rose shows during the Carolina Classic Fair each year. Rose shows offer the rose grower an opportunity to display the fruits of their labor and to be rewarded with ribbons, awards and admiration of the public and fellow rose growers. Individual roses are judged for form, color, grooming and display. In addition, every rose show features rose arrangements displayed in an artistic fashion. These arrangements are also judged and rewarded. Everyone is invited to enter roses they have grown at all three shows and Winston Salem Rose Society members are always willing to assist with rose show entries.